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Marly House

Marly le Roi (78)

passive house

project manager

delivered 2015

145 m2 shab


For happy living do not live hidden

In a tree-lined street in Marly-le-Roi, a small town in the Yvelines where high hedges traditionally isolate each pavilion on its grounds, this house takes a step towards its neighborhood to create a feeling of unprecedented urbanity in this pavilion area. To do this, and since the PLU forbids it to open on its neighbors, it advances on its narrow plot to open widely on the street. From here, the perforated galvanized steel fences allow the passers-by to gaze at the garden whose land slips under the house, which seems to levitate on its plot. It is also an invitation to enter: the access is made from this level -1, under the house, where nesting accessory car and firewood. The layout of the ground floor is characterized by the fluidity of its three spaces which are organized around the central fireplace, which is the only heating of this passive house. The kitchen and an intimate living room are located on either side of the carved staircase of a single piece of prefabricated steel, while two steps higher a living room crossing opens on a vast terrace in door-to- false on the street. This house blurs the boundaries between private and public to the benefit of user-friendly rooms that also open onto the outside. The privacy of the inhabitants is preserved in the rooms on the second level by high windows which direct the view towards the sky. In each room the materials (steel and concrete) are left untreated; authenticity assured for this home of 145 m2 in solid wood CLT prefabricated. Everything is a pretext for awakening the curiosity of the passers-by, the pre-grayed larch cladding that envelops the entire volume to the raw edges thanks to the absence of covers, to the fold of the main façade which opens a perspective towards the garden. The house seems to have managed to animate its environment by a fancy assumed but well controlled.

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