2022 – Archinovo Prize, finalist (house Villerez)

2021 – Regional Timber Construction prize (house Villerez)

2021 – Trophées Passibât, nominee in the Individual House (house D)

2021 – Trophées Passibât, nominee in the Individual House Renovation (house Rénopassive)

2020 – BAM competition, won thanks to the passive house project in the Fontainebleau forest

2020 – Trophée OR Performances des Coop’ HLM

2018 – Archinovo Prize, finalist (house Marly)

2017 – Energy-Efficient House Competition, Yvelines, winner (house Marly)

2015 – German Design Award – nominee

2013 – ICONIC AWARDS, renowned design award by the deutsch ‘Rat für Formgebung’ (Design Council)

2011 – Archinovo Prize, Architecture Gallery Paris (house B)

2010 – Prize of the First Work (nomination), Le Moniteur (house B)

2010 – Batiactu Trophies, special price (house B)

2010 – Behind the Bushes, House of CAUE of Limoges (house B, house DR)

2010 – Public’s Grand Prize of architecture, Pavillon de l’Arsenal (house B)

2010 – Sustainable Development Awards, CAUE 95 (House B)

2010 – Ecological Habitat, City of Science (House B)

2010 – Behind the Bushes, Urban Planning Agency of Orléanaise (House B, house DR)

2010 – Medal of the city of Bessancourt (house B)

2007 – VIZAR, European Prize for Bulgarian Architecture, european cultural parliament, Ministry of Culture, Sofia (34 HQE housing units)

2005 – VIZAR, European Prize for Bulgarian Architecture, european cultural parliament, Ministry of Culture, Sofia (new museum of Westphalia)


Exhibitions and meeting

2023 – Wood cladding, conference, Forum des Projets Urbains, Palais des Congrès, Paris

2022 – Proof by eleven, conference, Maison de l’Architecture, IDF (Rénopassive)

2022 –  Building with climate – tradition, innovation, architecture, conference, Université Eberhard Karl de Tübingen

2021 – CAUE 92 across the Regional Union CAUE IDF

2021 – Passi’Bat 2021 presentation of the ten-year review of Operation Renopassive

2020 – Milena KARANESHEVA presents the profession of architect as an actor in the energy transition

2020 – Architecture, a leading sustainable development business, conference, UVED

2019  – In-between cultures, conference, Architekturforum Freiburg, Allemagne

2019 – Jury member, Vorarlberg Timber Construction Prize

2019 – KARAWITZ conference as part of the 2019 tri-national architecture days on the theme « Transition »

2019 – Conference on the theme of international liabilities as part of the social houssing festival in Lyon

2019 – Passi’bat Congress on the international development of the  » Passive Building » concept

2012 – KARAWITZ is a speaker at the Passi’bat trade fair and presents the Désir house

2011 – Architects Directory, Wallpaper Magazin, London

2010 – 37 contemporary houses, house of the Architecture of the Center + Association La Girafe (house B, house DR)

2009 – Architecture and modernity, itinerant exhibition, Regional Architecture Houses, Cultural Service of Verrieres-Buisson (house B, house DR)

2008 – No one is a prophet in his country, exhibition at the Lingotto, Turin at the UIA congress (Bioappart)

2005 – Exhibition at the National Gallery of Sofia, Bulgaria (new museum of Westphalia)

2005 – Exhibition at the museum of art and history in Munster, Germany (new museum of Wetphalia)

2004 – Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria (Museum of Contemporary Art)

2000 – Exhibition at the gallery « Das Möbel », Vienna, Austria

1999 – Exhibition at the Biennial of Young European Artists, Rome, Italy (concert hall in Sarajevo)

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