Designing a building, whatever its size, typology or location, is always accompanied by a reflection on the vectors of innovation that it can activate. The innovations developed by the Karawitz agency buildings fall within several fields of action. Ecologically first, with passive systems, or even positive energy, bioclimatic architectures that take into account their environment to make the best of their site and their orientations, and bio-sourced or local materials. Then, by inventing new types of housing, revisiting classic models, creating a third way between private and collective, regrouping certain functions and offering the inhabitants places of sociability. Methodological finally, through the use of design tools like bim models that allow a shared design with all the actors of the construction.

Trained by its German or Dutch neighbors, the participative housing makes emulators in france. After real attempts in the 70s, he had dropped a while… To stammer actively again. Karawitz, a German and Austrian school, succeeds in reconciling the various expectations and ambitions of the households with the difficulty of inappropriate legal frameworks. With ever more pedagogy and energy, the agency develops intelligent habitats, faithful heirs to their collective ambitions.

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