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Collective housing, yes but passive

After having made its mark with several projects of passive single-family houses, the agency is trying to pass the liabilities for a project of 17 collective housing. In 2012, a competition proposed to create about fifteen passive housing in Girard street of Bas-Montreuil which consists of a disparate collection of buildings. Built at various times, they offer a wide variation of heights and a full range of styles and materials including brick, wood or glass… for a whole can not be more heterogeneous. The project developed is based on this apparent disorder as a basic concept for the shape of the building whose dwellings are laid out on top of each other in horizontal layers that advance in turn from one side to the other. In the hollow spaces lodge balconies. These shifts give movement to massive volume whose gables are blind and colored sliding shutters animate a little more frontage on street. The privileged of the last level placed in retreat profit for them of a terrace even more generous than those of the lower levels. The dwellings whose typologies extend from T1 to T3 are all through and follow a clear and structured organization with south-facing stays and rooms in the north overlooking the small collective garden created at the rear of the plot. A simple supplementary heating makes it possible to manage the thermal comfort of the whole building which is ventilated naturally during the night. The structure proposed during the competition was left open to the choice of the City, concrete or solid wood depending on the budget allocated.

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