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Villerez House

Lorrez-le-Bocage, France (77)

singular family-house




98 m²


2021 regional timber construction price (Ile de France)
« Living in a house » category

Nestled on top of a natural stone wall, this unique and light volume managed to integrate itself smoothly into its pre-existing environment. By choosing the preservation of the natural and historical site, the impact of the house implantation has been reduced to the strict minimum. Through the light pre-fabricated wooden structure, and the techno pieux foundations, the house seems to gently float over the ground. On top of that, because of its situation in the back of the building land and its humble size, the house seems very unobtrusive for the inhabitants of Lorrez-le-Bocage (Seine-et-Marne, France). As well as the pre-existing stone wall, all the trees are preserved, and all the outside floorings are treated as water-permeable green spaces. A special care of harmony with the close environment is also expressed in the shades and materials of the facade cladding: greyed larch-wood cladding and black coated aluminium joineries. And regarding the roof slope, it takes the same pitch as the pre-existing shed of the site.

A light structured staircase, simply based on the stone-wall edge, is highlighted as the main access to the wet porch of the house entry. The interior spaces also reflect the minimalist intentions of the outside spared shape. The main volume of the house is presented like a large duplex-loft apartment, keeping its main openings towards south, to optimise the capture of natural light and heat.


The goal of this measured and assumed project was not only to integrate itself visually in the environment, but also on an energetic level. Indeed, this simple volume allows easily this house to reach the «PassivHaus» level, for a better respect of the environment, and the best comfort of the inhabitants.

Therefore, it is a winning bet!

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