A trip to Bordeaux

To celebrate the end of an eventful year, our team travelled to Bordeaux. There, we had the opportunity to  » experiment  » our collaboration with Meininger for the eponymous hotel, but also to visit inspiring projects, exchange views on the past year and map out future prospects and challenges. A moment of reflection and celebration at the very heart of architecture.

Proof by 11

11 years of feedback, consumption and temperature readings have demonstrated the reliability of PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) « Passive Building » calculations. Summer and winter alike, the comfort of this completely renovated house is maintained, and energy consumption is below calculated forecasts. Over 400 participants attended the presentation of the results during a webinar organized by La Maison Passive France.


Bamboo Contemporary

In his new book, Bamboo Contemporary, architectural historian and researcher William Richards retraces the use of bamboo, a sustainable material that rivals metal in strength, in contemporary ecological architecture.
The Bamboo House by KARAWITZ is one of the selected projects, « projects steeped in history and modernity, reconciling sustainability and ingenuity ».


Bamboo House: one of France’s dream homes!

The Bambou house is among this selection of 40 « made in France » projects, built between 2000 and 2020, and spotted during the various editions of the Archinovo prize, of which Delphine ABOULKER is one of the founders. Her new book has just been published by Éditions Alternatives (Gallimard).