Projects Abroad

DIMPA School – Congo

Ouesso (Congo Republic)

School building

( + workshop area, vegetable garden, sports field,
guest house, guard’s hut, parking area)

Project manager
International Mission

2018 – 2021

1 010 m²


Bioclimatic, vernacular and …
for a good cause !

In the Congo Republic, a lot of children and young people are living with a disability (deafness, hearing-impair, muteness and / or the suffering from a mental handicap) are victims of isolation, of important social exclusion, of a lack of social support and of academic, social and professional training. To face this deficit in specialized structures, the international mission DIMPA-IESRM France founded a community school. The goal of this school is to give a place in the society to this youth, by assuring them educational and specialized training, supported by a technical, social and professional mentoring.

It has several joint aims for its pupils:

– Teach the essentials : writing and reading

– Train them to professions in which their abilities are fully valorised and brought to bear

A bioclimatic architectural project is imagined by KARAWITZ, based on the local skills, knowledges and materials – like wood, bamboo and corrugated iron sheeting. With its elevated flooring and wide overflowing covering, uncoupled from the main volume for a better sun and rain protection, the whole complex is fully naturally ventilated. A flexible layout, offering possibilities of future extensions, is organized around the principal spaces: the school itself with its common rooms, classrooms and administration, a large workshop, the guard’s hut, a guest house, a sports field and a vegetable garden.

The school construction is planned in several strategical stages, to enable the organization and coordination of professional and non-professional participants. This allows to lower the global prices of the construction, whilst developing a participative concept, to reinforce the identification of the future users and inhabitants of Ouesso to their future school.

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