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passiv house and guest house


BAM competition

152 m² shab



© octavtirziu (perspectives)

Located in the unique context of the Fontainebleau forest (Seine-et-Marne, France), the house takes its inspiration from the omnipresent atmosphere of the trees and vegetation.

Responding to the vertical and linear presence of the trees, the house expresses itself through simple and straight-lined shapes, allowing itself to slip unpretentiously between the trees. The linear horizontality of the construction opens a dialogue with the verticality of the forest.

This construction work attempts to restrict as far as possible the impact on the environment, to preserve the natural harmony of the site. Implanted in a non-forested spot of the plot, and founded on a limited underground, the plan of the house stretches into a lengthened rectangle, on a single level, slightly raised on posts (techno-pieux).

The house layout enables an optimal solar gain and natural cross-ventilation. The use of bio-sourced and durable materials also goes in the direction of reducing the impact on the environment. In the centre of the house, a stove made out of raw earth, on top of the earthen screed and the green roof, bring the required inertia to ensure the thermal balance, and to avoid the heat peaks in summer.

The choice of the construction method also chaises after the reduction of the environmental footprint: Prefabricated wood-based loadbearing, with straw insulation (floor & roof) and wood-fibre insulation (walls).

The layout of the dwelling is shaped out of two areas: the “night area” (sleeping rooms and adjoining bathrooms), and the “day area”, containing the entry, the living room, the dining room, the opened kitchen and an office room).

The house extends on two wide wooden terraces, one in front of the dining room, and the other one next to the master bed room. These two terraces are linked by a, “engawa” – external path – out of wood, and are covered with a pergola structure on its whole surface.

A guest house is located on the east side of the plot, respecting the well-beeing and the privacy of each inhabitant of this part of the forest.


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